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Starry Sky

About Me


I love to create on themes that resonate with me,

Freedom, Space & the Truth.


A few years ago, life had never been more challenging to me. I kept asking myself why why why, those were the days when things just dragged on and on... until when I gradually received many signs and messages from everywhere making me realise that the Universe had been setting all these up just to make sure I wake up.


Then life becomes multi-dimensional.

I go with the flow and see what spirituality has to offer. 

I do what I want to do,

and what I can do.

I combine my skills of writing music and voice narration, with my curiosity to know more about life and death.

I started by making a series of meditation and sleep music, then guided meditations in Cantonese and English on different topics.

The process has been rewarding. It heals not only me but also people around the world. It's a surprising bonus in my career path that my works are benefiting so many.

I am honoured and flattered.


There is no coincidence that you have found this website and are reading these words. I consider myself a light on this planet, and so are you too.

Thank you for your love, holding the light for mankind, and keep shining!



Starry Sky
Painted Space


“I always use my smart watch to see how well I'm sleeping. Since going to bed with this on, my sleep has improved dramatically! I fall asleep faster and have longer periods of deep sleep. Thank you!"

“Sensacional experiência. Gratidão 🙏"

"Nice to have as background music as I fill in my journal"

"I find myself coming back to this meditation from time to time. It is really helpful. Thank you, Carmen. ☮️❤️"

"Muy agradable"

"I love Carmen’s meditations. I find her voice soothing and the message is always positive, calming, and makes me feel connected to the earth and others in a peaceful, harmonious way. Thanks Carmen ☺️"

"Surfing those alpha waves. Excellent."

"Namaste for this meditation it is perfect for imaginative travelling 💜"

"For several years, one of my favorites for sound meditation. Very deep, very soothing, very calming, very grounding."

"My boys finally fell asleep after a rough evening of nightmares. Thank you Carmen."

"This is so calming and helps me fall asleep. Thank you. 🍀❤️"

"Beautiful meditation! Added to my favourites!"

"This worked so well I was out in just a few minutes. I found it very difficult to sleep as I've been in hospital with covid. This knocked me out in about 10 minutes or less"

"Lovely and serene, with a surprising yet soothing melody from the guitar"

"As the first time I listened/did this meditation I was kind of angry that I have to say „I’m grateful for my parents“ because I have too many issues with them and I was kind of sure not to do this meditation again but now it’s my 4th day if I’m not wrong and I started realizing things.. I started looking at something from the bright side thank you so much! ♥️"