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"Love the spiritual depth of your sacred music, Carmen."

...from David Stimpson (Insight Timer app)

"Love 'Sleep Drift 432 Hz' gets my 9 year old to settle down for bedtime and fall asleep."

... from Michael (Insight Timer app)

"Your music is glorious.

Bought 'I Am Nature' and play it daily. In my car, calms my spirit. Thank you so much... Wonderful help in forgetting AND remembering. Again many thanks."

... from Diana (Insight Timer app)

"Hi Carmen 
Just letting you know:
your Om filters all the ‘noises’ and ‘distraction’...listening to it makes packed MTR rides more bearable, waits in lines more tolerable...I got tears every now and again (usually when I’m stressed about something that I don’t even know I’m stressed about) but the auto gushing of tears cleanses and relieves whatever stress that’s been accumulating inside. Tears come a little less every time after, it’s like cleaning up the last bits of residue after a big clean - it’s a process. I feel emotionally healthier and I am more aware of what is important to me, keep my focus on what is precious 😊"

... from Carmen T. 

"你好,我聽了18mins to change your life


... from Winchi T. (Insight Timer app)

"I must let you know that I very often listen to your work at Insight Timer. It really helps to relax and fall into sleep easily"

... from Pauline

"I highly recommend Carmen's works. They are all very inspirational, relaxing and original. I can always calm down easily when I listen to her work. Please keep it up, Carmen!"

... from P. Woo (Insight Timer app)

"Hi Carmen, I love your sleep music, it works every time. Good to be friends, all the best for you."

... from Gerda (Insight Timer app)

"Thank you for your lovely contribution of music and meditations... God's grace flows through you beautifully."

...from Carrol (Insight Timer app)

"I am delighted I was able to meet with your calmful and beautiful for meditation music, especially I am being very helpful that my body & mind was irritated then impossible good sleeping.Wishing you a very happy and peace 💌"

...from Manabu Shinohara

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